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Wednesday, October 13

7:30am PDT

7:45am PDT

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11:00am PDT

How NOT to Start with Kubernetes - Christian Heckelmann, Dynatrace Petree Hall C + Online Back to the Drawing Board: Building Containers with SBoMs - Nisha Kumar, VMware Petree Hall D + Online Manage More Clusters with Less Hassle, with Argo CD Application Sets - Jonathan West, Red Hat & Kshama Jain, Independent Contributor 411 Theater + Online Customizing Kustomize with Client-Side Custom Resources - Katrina Verey, Apple & Jeff Regan, Google Room 502 AB + Online Envoy Maintainer Q&A - Lizan Zhou, Tetrate Concourse Hall 153 ABC + Online Hardening the Kubernetes Software Supply Chain Through Better Transparency - Adolfo García Veytia, uServers; Verónica López González, Digital Ocean; Nabarun Pal, VMware Room 501 ABC + Online Helm: The Charts and the Curious - Karena Angell, Paul Czarkowski & Andrew Block, Red Hat; Scott Rigby, Weaveworks Concourse Hall 150 ABC + Online What's New With SIG-Windows: HostProcess and Developer environments - Brandon Smith & Danny Canter, Microsoft; Jay Vyas, VMware; Friedrich Wilken, SAP Hybrid Room 402 AB + Online Cloud Native and Kubernetes Observability Panel: The State of Union - Bartek Plotka, Red Hat; Liz Fong-Jones, Honeycomb; Josh Suereth, Google; Frederic Branczyk, Polar Signals; Rags Srinivas, InfoQ Room 403 AB + Online Case Study : Improving Resilience of Applications in Telco Environments - Uma Mukkara, ChaosNative & Samar Sidharth, Orange Room 408 AB + Online Kubernetes Supply Chain Security: The Software Factory - Andrew Martin, Control Plane Concourse Hall 151 + Online How to Improve Your Kubernetes Experience with Service Mesh and MLOps - Maksim Chudnovskii & Igor Gustomyasov, Sber Concourse Hall 152 + Online

11:30am PDT

11:55am PDT

12:30pm PDT

1:30pm PDT

2:30pm PDT

3:25pm PDT

Who Killed My Pod? #Whodunit - Suneeta Mall, Nearmap Petree Hall C + Online Panel Discussion: OpenGitOps and the GitOps Working Group - Cornelia Davis, Amazon; Dan Garfield, Codefresh; Christian Hernandez, Red Hat; Chris Sanders, Microsoft; Leonardo Murillo, Weaveworks Petree Hall D + Online Shh, It’s a Secret: Managing Your Secrets in a GitOps Way - Jake Wernette & Josh Kayani, IBM 411 Theater + Online Cloud Native Apps with Server-Side WebAssembly - Liam Randall, Cosmonic Room 502 AB + Online Creating Cloud Native Security - Emily Fox, Apple; Brandon Lum, IBM; Andres Vega, VMware Concourse Hall 153 ABC + Online Deep Dive CoreDNS - Yong Tang, Ivanti Inc.; Miek Gieben, Independent; John Belamaric, Google Room 501 ABC + Online SIG Instrumentation Introduction and Deep Dive - Han Kang & David Ashpole, Google; Elana Hashman, Red Hat; Frederic Branczyk, Polar Signals Concourse Hall 150 ABC + Online The Future of Multi-Tenancy in Kubernetes - Tasha Drew, VMware; Adrian Ludwin, Google; Fei Guo, Alibaba; Jim Bugwadia, Nirmata Room 402 AB + Online OpenTelemetry Collector Deployment Patterns - Juraci Paixão Kröhling, Red Hat Room 403 AB + Online Trimaran: Real Load Aware Scheduling in Kubernetes - Abdul Qadeer, PayPal & Chen Wang, IBM Room 408 AB + Online Exploiting a Slightly Peculiar Volume Configuration with SIG-Honk - Ian Coldwater, Twilio; Brad Geesaman & Rory McCune, Aqua Security; Duffie Cooley, Isovalent Concourse Hall 151 + Online What You Need to Know Before Using Local Persistent Volumes - Sebastien Guilloux, Elastic Concourse Hall 152 + Online

3:30pm PDT

4:00pm PDT

4:15pm PDT

4:30pm PDT

Implementation Challenges: From HPC to Containers in the Academy - Lukáš Hejtmánek & Viktória Spišaková, Masaryk University Petree Hall C + Online Automated, Distributed Systems Testing for Kubernetes Controllers - Lalith Suresh, VMware & Xudong Sun, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Petree Hall D + Online SIG Events: Using CloudEvents to Create an Interoperable CI/CD Ecosystem - Andrea Frittoli, IBM 411 Theater + Online Container Checkpoint/Restore at Scale for Fast Pod Startup Time - Ritesh Naik, MathWorks Room 502 AB + Online Cloud Provider Extraction: What We’ve Done, Where We Are and What's Left! - Walter Fender, Google; Steven Wong, VMware; Nick Turner, Amazon Concourse Hall 153 ABC + Online containerd Introduction and Deep Dive - Phil Estes, Amazon; Maksym Pavlenko & Derek McGowan, Apple; Mike Brown, IBM Concourse Hall 150 ABC + Online SIG-NETWORK: Updates and Directions - Tim Hockin & Bowei Du, Google Room 402 AB + Online Why is Anyone Using Kubernetes Anyway? - Tasha Drew & Josephene Pynadath, VMware; Gaby Moreno Cesar, IBM; Carl J Pearson, UserZoom Room 501 ABC + Online Observe with Rust: OpenTelemetry and Tremor - Gary White Jr., Wayfair Room 403 AB + Online Using SLOs for Continuous Performance Optimizations of Your K8s Workloads - Andreas Grabner, Dynatrace Room 408 AB + Online My Container Image has 500 Vulnerabilities, Now What? - Matt Jarvis, Snyk Concourse Hall 151 + Online Storage and Networking: Rook on Multus - Sébastien Han & Rohan Gupta, Red Hat Concourse Hall 152 + Online Virtual Project Office Hours: Flux Project Office Hours

5:25pm PDT

5:30pm PDT

6:00pm PDT

7:30pm PDT


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